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Buy Smart Auto Group works for our clients by providing exclusive access to vehicle at wholesale through our large network of wholesalers, dealers, and dealer auctions. BuySmart’s unique purchasing process and extremely low overhead, allows us to offer substantial saving to our clients. Buy Smart Auto Group’s clients save $2000 - $5000 and in some cases more.

Buy Smart Auto Group works for our clients in multiple ways. As a full service company we assist our clients through the entire automobile purchasing process. The Get Started page (link to Get Started page) provides instructions on how to select an automobile from our online inventory or request a vehicle not currently listed on our website. Also on the Get Started page you will find information and instructions on how Buy Smart Auto Group can assist you with financing your vehicle.

Once you have selected a vehicle you will need to contact a Buy Smart Auto Group professional auto buying representative via phone, or email us to make an appointment.

A Buy Smart Auto Group representative will work with you to complete the Buyer Packet and assist you throughout the entire purchasing process. Our representative will review the Buyer Packet and assist with financing as necessary. If you are not financing through one of our lending network partners, please provide a preapproval letter from your financial institution.

Once financing is secured we will purchase your vehicle. A Buy Smart Auto Group representative will assist or accompany you to the dealership to pickup your vehicle. All necessary paper work will be completed before you and the representative arrive at the dealership. If your vehicle purchase is from an auction or private seller the representative will have the vehicle delivered to Buy Smart Auto Group. The Buysmart representative will prepare your vehicle for delivery.

Our Goal is to pre-negotiate the best price for our clients and reduce the hassle, stress and time spent during the purchasing process.

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